What you have…

All what you need to succeed in this world are within you. Here are two quotes from a mentor: The world believes in violent actions to rule which has always failed. Jesus Christ conquered the world without a gun but through the weapon of love. Love conquers everything. Edmund Adem The most powerful thing God… Continue reading What you have…



I believe you made resolutions for yourself before or at the beginning of the year 2018 (eg. to graduate with distinction, get a lucrative job that pays well, own a house, etc.). Am also sure you did not aim at achieving anything mean (eg. to be a servant in someone's home, to stay unemployed, etc.).… Continue reading A SMOOTH WALK INTO 2019



Pondering over these points everyday would help create self-awareness and improve your relationship with other people. Never enjoy people begging you (as a human) for favour because you will also need God's favour. Think soberly of yourself. A humble person does not accept the worship of men (humans). Never take the glory (hailing of men)… Continue reading HUMILITY