Each day when I wake up in the morning and see the sun smiling at me, I feel there is hope to receive same gesture from all the people I will meet throughout the day.

Unfortunately, it is a reciprocal attitude. I tried an experiment to see how true this hypothesis was. Standing tall in front of a mirror I showed two expressions; one, I frowned and two smiled.

Both expressions showed the same image in the mirror as exhibited in front of it. How ever, I discovered extra thing about my face when I smiled- I never knew I had dimples. Continuously smiling, displayed my dimples which made people express their like. Hence for me to display my dimple, they would first have to turn on the smile so I would respond to display my dimple.
Smile back to the sun every time you see it smiling towards you.

“You can never discover a treasure about yourself which people cherish when you are far away from a smile.” Harry A.-A. Mante.

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