Be Inspired


The word ‘Inspiration’ comes from the Latin word ‘inspiratio’ which means divine guidance.

How can one get inspired?

… seek for divine guidance. 

Inspiration or divine guidance is derived from sources that are divine ( holy, godlike, supreme, wonderful).

  1. The Universe: It is filled with awesome power, wonderful beauty and admirations. There are energies circulating around us all the time to harmonize our inner feeling with the universe. God created it and declared it ‘good’ (though it is argued). Reserve some minutes daily to learn something about the universe by observation and you will be inspired.

  2. Human beings: The people around you  were created in the image of God (likeness of God), though some people argue about that. The people you like and those you dislike, could all inspire you. Think about the inspiration you had to start your company when your formal employer  fired you for no reason.

  3. Holy Book: The holy scripture is inspired by God for a good living that people will be perfect for all good work. Reading the holy book everyday will give you divine guidance to live a successful life.

Keep alert and look straight with an earnest confidence. Never hang your head in shame for the top is meant for those who are inspired.

Harry A.-A. Mante

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